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Let iBrams revolutionize your brand management.

The pioneering digital brand management solution iBrams simplifies your marketing processes, reduces your campaign costs and ensures a consistent global brand identity. Take the next step toward the future!
iBrams - upgrade your Brand Management

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Our experts are always available for any questions. Take the first step toward a simplified brand management and call us. We look forward to hearing from you!


With our consulting package, we support your transition toward integrated brand management.

Working alongside your team we document the current process and plan how to reach your desired results. Based on this information our specialists plan how to integrate iBrams. Then we develop a comprehensive ”roadmap” with detailed quantitative data and an ROI analysis.


iBrams's basic concept of an integrated solution also incorporates specialized services. Template management is among the key offers in our portfolio. 

If required, customers can outsource the entire template creation and management process to us. iBrams's template managers are experienced DTP experts who master every commonly available software, while also being certified iBrams-specialists.

The immediate vicinity to iBrams' internal programmers ensures that the templates produced can be applied efficiently to the system while utilizing the optimal performance of iBrams. 



When it comes to installation, we ensure a smooth process.

You get not only access to our software, we also configure the system according to your needs. So from first use you have a comprehensive brand management solution.

Of course, we install the system on your own servers in your company or on our servers.



In additional to the delivery of the modern brand management solution iBrams, we also ensure that your application is always available. 

We guarantee you a safe and comforting feeling when managing your server capacity. You don't have to worry about anything, we take over maintenance and data backup for you.

Your growing data needs are no problem. Our hosting service is fully scalable and can be extended anytime. So you always have the appropriate performance levels.

Would you like to host iBrams internally? We fully support you. In this case, the administrator receives training at the customer's location following the iBrams installation.



End users need minimal training with iBrams because the system is intuitive. 

For project managers, document managers and administrators we have a training program to solve complex tasks independently.

iBrams training is modular by design. We offer training sessions for various subject areas and the extent of the required knowledge. Certified employees are able to utilize and support iBrams with minimal assistance. For more information send an email to training@ibrams.com